Did you get a trespassing ticket at the Eden Shores Park? Do you feel like you’re being tricked?

Did you drive in the Eden Shores park in Hayward after sunset because the gate was still opened, and you didn’t see any sign that states that the park is closed after sunset when you drove in and during the whole time while you were inside the park, and then you got a Trespassing Ticket from a Park Ranger? Do you feel like you’re being tricked? Do you know how serious a Trespassing Ticket can be?

Let me tell you some facts:

1)            Eden Shores Park is a beautiful park located inside a beautiful and good neighborhood (mostly upper middle-income class). This park has no fence around it, and this park only has 1 (one) sign that states that the park is closed after sunset, and this sign is located all the way in the back of the park. This sign is attached to the gate (2 sticks) of the parking lot in the back of the park. The sign is a one-sided sign. There is no way you can see the sign when you drive in if the gate is opened. You can only see the sign when you drive out (only if you pay attention)!  If you’re like other normal people who focus on the road ahead of you when driving, you’ll NOT see the sign when you drive out of the park either. That’s why most residents living for years in this neighborhood do not even know that this park closes after sunset even after being in this park for countless times.

2)            I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 3 years, and I’ve been to this park countless times. I’ve taken walks around the park, and I drove in and out of the park several times when we had picnics there, but I did not even know that this sign even exists until I got the ticket! And of course, I did not even know that this park closes after sunset because I’ve seen and still see people in the neighborhood take walks at night in the park as walking around the park was part of their walking exercise routine around the neighborhood. I bet none of them knows that this park closes after sunset!

3)            When the Park Ranger approached us and told us that this park is closed after sunset, I asked him where is the sign that states that this park is closed after sunset and he pointed towards the sign that I could barely see from where we parked. I also asked him, “if the park is closed, then why isn’t the gate closed?” He answered, “Well, I have many parks to look after, I can’t be at this park right after sunset every day to close it!” He gave me the ticket at 8:30 pm on a Sunday in early December. It was well past sunset!

If the gate was closed or you saw the sign or you knew that the park is closed after sunset, and you still chose to enter the park, then you deserve the ticket! But if the gate was still opened, (and the fact is that there was no way you could see the sign when you drove in when the gate was still opened), and you didn’t know that the park is closed after sunset, then you don’t deserve a Trespassing Ticket! Here is why:

1)            The ticket costs $280. The chance is you probably went there with someone because it’s not safe to be alone in the park at night anyways, and each of you got a ticket, so it costs hundreds!

2)            If it’s a parking ticket, who cares! Too many people get parking tickets, and getting a parking ticket doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, but getting a Trespassing Ticket does!

According to http://www.ehow.com/list_7534265_californai-laws-trespassing.html , and other law websites, “Trespassing occurs when a person enters another person’s property without her permission. In order to be trespassing, such entry must be an intrusion that interferes with the other person’s property rights. In California, trespass can be charged as a criminal offense… the most common types of trespassing are when a person enters property with the intent to damage that property, or when a person refuses to leave private property after he has been asked to go.”

Even after you pay the fine, it’ll still be on your record! When someone looks at your record and sees “trespassing” on your record, what will s/he think of you? S/he won’t think that you entered a park after hours! S/he will think that you probably entered someone’s property with the intent to damage that property, or you refused to leave private property after you had been asked to go. Having a “trespassing” on your record does not only show that you’re a person that doesn’t care about breaking the law; it also appears that you’re a bad person!

A lot of companies out there nowadays require a background check before they hire or promote you, and even if you’re not looking for a job or looking for a promotion, there’re many things you want to do in life that require background checks as well. Think of how this trespassing ticket can negatively affect your life! Even if you’re not going to do anything that requires a background check, do you want your record to show that you trespassed? It’s a negative mark on your record!

Read http://www.shouselaw.com/trespass.html . We have a strong DEFENSE case!

If you also feel like you’re being tricked, contact me! Together, we stand! We’ll make a case, and we’ll fight (legally in court, of course)! We don’t deserve these tickets! If we can’t get the court to take back these tickets (but we will), we will at least make the city notice that this is not fair!

I appreciate the fact that the Trespassing Law is there to protect citizens, but the Park Ranger used this law to cause us harm, not to protect us! We’re good citizens; we don’t deserve this!

The most important concern I have here is the Park Ranger’s ethics. I don’t know this Park Ranger. He may be a good Park Ranger, but he may not! I’ve always had great respect for police and law enforcers, but something about this Park Ranger that smells fishy to me. He probably intentionally left the gate opened at this specific park well after sunset, knowing that this park attracts a lot of people because it’s beautiful and located in a good neighborhood, knowing that it’s illegal to enter this park after sunset, and knowing that this park has only 1 (one) sign that there’s no way people can see when they drive in if the gate is opened. (The Park Ranger did not show up until there were 3 cars in the parking lot. My friend and I were having fresh air outside of the car, and the other 1 couple was still inside their car (both in front seats), but there was no one inside the 3rd car.  ALL 4 of us got Trespassing tickets!) I don’t know about them, but in my case, the Park Ranger clearly knew that my friend and I did not know about the sign as I asked him where the sign was and why the gate was opened, and he admitted that he could not be there to close the gate right after sunset! How do we know that he did not intentionally leave the gate opened to meet his quota? I seriously feel like I’m being tricked! Do you?

I got so mad after receiving the ticket that I told all my friends about it, and several of my friends had the same experience (entering a park after hours without knowing the park is actually closed) at other cities, and when the Park Rangers came, they just asked my friends to leave without giving them any tickets.

I know and almost 100% sure that this Park Ranger knows that barely anyone knows that this park closes after sunset and he has issued A LOT LOT LOT of Trespassing Tickets in this park already because obviously no one could have known that this park closes after sunset, and no one would have known that you will actually get a Tresspassing ticket for being in this park after hours, and there’re still a lot of people coming to this park to enjoy it’s peace and beauty at night. Like I said, I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 3 years and been to this park many many times, but I didn’t know that this park closes after sunset. I’ve talked to several of my neighbors too, and none of them knew it until I told them too!

After talking to us, this Park Ranger knew that none of us knew about the park hours, and he also admitted that he couldn’t make it here right after sunset to close the gate; therefore he could have given us a warning and asked us to leave, but he actually issued us tickets. He could have given Parking Ticket for each car, but he gave ALL of us Trespassing Tickets. Why?

1)      a Parking Ticket is cheaper than a Trespassing Ticket

2)      if he gave us parking tickets, he could only issue 3 tickets, possibly only 2 (because what if that unknown car with no people in it was already parked there way before sunset). But if he issued us Trespassing tickets, he could issue ALL 4 of us tickets, as everyone got a ticket! You see?

I’m concerned that this Park Ranger is abusing the law, and he’s preying on my neighbors! I feel tricked! This Park Ranger’s behaviors are very questionable!

I’m working in an industry that requires background checks all the time. I’m a good citizen, and I’ve never broken any law in my life. I didn’t do anything wrong, therefore I’m not going to let this Trespassing Ticket ruin my dream and future because it will show up on my record. Like I said above, the impression of a Trespassing Ticket on your record to future employers is very negative!

If you also received a Trespassing Ticket from a Park Ranger (mostly likely the same guy!) in Eden Shores park in Hayward, please please contact me. I heard that the judge may take the officer’s side, so we need numbers (which means more victims to speak up) to fight! I need all your help! I’m not going to let this Park Ranger prey on my neighbors anymore! I’m not letting him ruin any one’s record and possibly their future by having this bad ticket on their records! Please help yourself, please help all of us! Together, we’ll fight this in court! Even if you don’t want to go to court, a letter will also help.

We will at least make the city notice that good citizens are being tricked into getting these tickets, and that this park needs more signs, and more VISIBLE signs stating that this park is closed after sunset! We’ll at least make the judge question/investigate this Park Ranger’s ethics. We need to do something to protect ourselves and protect future victims!

Email me at jenny.jones.94545@gmail.com

Calling all past and present victims.

Contact me now!